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Assesments and Evaluations

Assesments and Evaluations


Education is the basis of the care at A+ Learning Academy. The organization of our classes is based on age: Infants, Crawlers, One's, Two's, Three's and Four's. All classes are based on four areas of development:

1. Social - Emotional Development - includes the child's relationship with him/herself and others, self - concept, self - esteem, and the ability to express feelings. 

2. Physical - Motor Development - includes gross motor, fine motor and perceptual motor, sensor motor, and physical growth.

3. Language Development - includes a child's utterances, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence length, and the ability to express ideas.

4. Intellectual - Cognitive Development - includes curiosity, memory, attention span, problem solving, perceptive thinking, etc. 

Each age level will be setting goals to reach and exceed during the school year. We specifically follow the Texas Early Learning Guidelines and partner with The Children's Learning Institute to provide the most current research - based curriculum for children.

Our curriculum partners include: Scholastic Big Day, The Learning Box Pre School, The Kindergarten Readiness System through the Children's Learning Institute and Frog Street Press.

Assesments and Evaluations

Assesments and Evaluations

Assesments and Evaluations


Developmental evaluation tools are used by each teacher to monitor the children's progress throughout the school year. These evaluations come directly from The Children's Learning Institute in Houston, TX. Should there be any questions or concerns, the teacher and/or director will begin conversations with you. At that time, we will work through changes at school and home to see what additional help can be provided. In some cases, professional advice is needed. You are more than welcome to request a copy at any time.